Objectives and Content

In this bundled course, we will discuss the wastes commonly generated by the regulated community and how the associated regulations apply to generators of these wastes.

Specifically, the objective of this set of bundled course is to allow you a holistic look and understanding of

  • What is the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA)
  • What types of wastes are regulated under RCRA
  • How to complete an accurate hazardous waste determination
  • How to identify one’s hazardous waste generator category
  • How to manage one’s hazardous waste depending on its generator category
  • What is Universal Waste and how does one manage this waste
  • What is Used Oil and how does one manage this waste

This is a bundled course. Should you be interested in any one of these topics in isolation, you may opt to register for just that associated single course within the course catalogue

With this bundle, you will have access to the following stand alone courses, to progress at your pace, to better understand your requirements of a generator of these RCRA regulated wastes. Upon your successful completion of each of these individual courses, you will receive a certificate.

The courses included in this bundle are:

  • Hazardous Waste Determinations
  • Hazardous Waste Generator Requirements
  • Universal Waste for Generators and Handlers
  • Used Oil Generator Requirements

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